Starting a Thing

Welcome aboard!

You’ve stumbled upon The Caffinated Scholar – a blog of learned life lessons, important thoughts, and a bit of mindless drivel.

I’m your humble captain for this journey: Krystle


I’m 20 years old and am starting Grad school in September (Master’s degree in History). I like my coffee black, my politics liberal, and my music poppy. This blog will be a little about everything in my life from school, to pop culture, to general life happenings.

Important Facts:

  • I love terrible TV. There’s nothing better than putting down an academic book and pressing play on the newest episode of [insert your favourite reality show].
  • My music interests vary. Lately I’ve been on a kick of music marketed to pre-teens. To be completely fair, FOUR, the newest One Direction album is fantastic. I also own a record player and listen to a lot of older music, my favourites being Bruce Springsteen and Fleetwood Mac (Stevie Nicks, era of course). My boyfriend is a die-hard country fan, so it’s not odd to hear me listening to that also, Florida Georgia Line being my favourites there.
    bruce thumbs up
  • I love Netflix. Everything about it. I love documentaries, I love action movies, and don’t even get me started on the shows I’ve marathoned.
    lost control of my life
  • I eat (mostly) Paleo and am constantly on a journey to live a healthier lifestyle.
    bacon pancake

I live with my boyfriend in a small tiny apartment in Peterborough, ON, Canada. He works full-time, and I spend a lot of time being bored. Peterborough is a city notorious for not having jobs and I’ve found it to be true. I start full-time school (including a job as a teaching assistant) in September, so here we are until then.

Please feel free to leave comments about anything you read! I would love to hear from you, and will try to get back to you personally as soon as possible.
high five clap


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